The most prestigious flower show in the United Kingdom gives Bronze Medal to barcode display.

The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show has given the Bronze Medal to a unique QR code garden display within its Fresh Garden category.

The prize winner was in a category for creative use of materials and innovative and experimental design concepts.

The unique QR codes found within the display were created by using a vertical planting treatment on a wall and a very simple palette of colors. When scanned, the website to which the smartphone user is directed provides additional information about the garden itself, as well as a list of plants that are recommended for individuals who would like to attempt to accomplish a similar result.

QR Code Garden

The project was designed by Shelley Mosco and Jade Goto, landscape architects.

It was sponsored by a provider of urban greening solutions, Treebox, as well as Scotscape, a commercial landscaper. The bronze winner can currently be viewed among all of the various displays throughout the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

Other less unique QR codes are positioned throughout the show. Traditional printed forms of the barcodes were displayed on signage throughout the garden show to provide visitors with the opportunity to gain more background information about each of the show gardens.

All visitors needed to be able to scan the codes – including the large plant-based one – was a smartphone and a free scanning app that is readily available for virtually every platform. The display and the use of the barcodes as a whole has drawn a significant amount of attention to the Show, including from the tech community, which has never given it much specific attention in the past.

The bronze winning pair of designers have now also created another garden of unique QR codes on the entrance wall to the RHS Environment section of the show. It is 8 feet and 10 inches high and wide and will now also offer those who scan it some additional information about Urban Greening, beyond the background information about the designs. It includes all of the other exhibits as well as useful and practical advice.


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